We accept payments with credit cards, direct bank transfer and PayPal.

Yes. Within two working days we will send you an invoice via e-mail.

Yes. A VAT Tax rate of 17% is included in our prices. If you are a shop owner with a VAT number please contact us.

Currently our website processes only orders to Israel. If you wish to ship to another country please contact us.

The production plus the shipping can take up to five working days for orders in Israel. Please contact us for further information about shipping outside of Israel.

We print on any product that is made of textile like: shirts, bags, hats, work clothing and more. We also can print on different paper products like: napkins, paper bags, journals, and more.

No. We have 40 years of experience and expertise in the textile printing business. Our prints don’t wash off and don’t fade even after multiple washes.

Yes, both with screen printing and digital printing. We print on all colored fabrics.

Screen printing is a printing technique where a screen is used to transfer ink onto the fabric, each color at a time. The benefit of screen printing is that it reduces the manufacturing costs on bigger amounts. Also, the colors are extremely vivid and durable.
Digital printing is a new printing technology where the printer injects all the colors simultaneously directly on a special paper, what we call: Heat transfer. The Heat transfer then will be transferred onto the shirt with a Press machine.
The benefit of digital printing is the option of printing small amounts, starting with one. Also, this new technology gives the option of printing complex designs with endless colors, even photographs.